J.P. Clark still works! Projects in various states of preparation are a book Impregnable Walls: The Slow Death of Ideas in Military Organizations, an article "The Regular and the Radical: Emory Upton, Leonard Wood, and the Role of the U.S. Army," and (eventually) a sequel to Preparing for War.

“‘Good Allies’: International Perspectives on Afghanistan”

War room


Military Operations and the Defense Department

Oxford handbook of u.s. national security


We Want It, What Is It?

unpacking civilian control of the military

the bridge

4 april 2017

In Defense of a Big Idea for Joint Warfighting

war on the rocks

22 december 2016

Organizational Change and Adaptation in the U.S. Army


autumn 2016

Thinking and Codifying

The u.s. army operating concept and army warfighting challenges

The three swords

issue 30 2016

Win in a Complex World

An examination of the U.S. Army Operating Concept

British Army Review

Autumn 2015

Army #Operating Concept and Allies

The Bridge

15 October 2014

The Missed Opportunity

A Critique of ADP 3-0, Unified Land Operations

Military Review

July-August 2012

The Challenges of Uncertainty

Forging an Adaptable Army for an Unpredictable World


Fall 2012

A Lieutenant's Plea to Company Commanders


November/December 1999